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Welcome to the scripmaual the database where you an find anything from Css menus to javascript script's and more scripting language. This week we have placed nore css menus that are very simple to integrate ... Check them out »

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Mutiple Color Dotted™ Css Button.

Desription: These button's have one thing in common the dashed bottom and they come in three color's Red/DarkRed and Gree / Dark Green also Gray / Black and more comming soon..

Capability: FF1 + IE 6+7+ Opera + Safari..

Glossy Css Button's

Desription: One of the top buttons and most hits in scriptmanuals history very elegant specially very glossy and a wet look to it check it out and see why people are raving about scriptmanuals Css glossy buttons.

Capability: FF1 + IE 6+7+ Opera + Safari..

Scriptmanual Animated Buttons ©

Desription: The reason why its called animated its because of its change in height its a little hack that works for every browser it is rare for one our menus not to function correctly. There is multiple color's to choose from just place it on a new page and take the menus from there and the Css.

Capability: FF1 + IE 6+7+ Opera + Safari..

Css Pagination

Desription: This css pagination are mostly used as a guide map so people can keep track of where they are it can be custimized and very simple to adjust and intergrate. It use's < u l > and < L I > Atrributes.

Capability: FF1 + IE 6+7+ Opera + Safari..

Please make sure you read out Terms & Contditions and Keep our Credits in the top of the script. Do not Redistribute this script to use on another databse or to sell or profit from it.

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