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CSS3 Transitions Implementing & Examples

With CSS3 Transitions, we can add an effect when changing from one style to another, without using Flash animations or JavaScripts.

Capability: Firefox, Safari/Chrome, Opera and IE9

The Transition property is used as follows Example Below. Hover on top of this Div

Leave the mouse on top of Div.


/* Safari */



Recommended to add inside the <head> of the Page. but can be used anywhere in the body as well or added to your stylesheet.

CSS3 Transitions Properties

Property Description CSS
Transition A shorthand property for setting the four transition properties into a single property 3
Transition-Property Specifies the name of the CSS property to which the transition is applied 3
Transition-Duration Defines the length of time that a transition takes. Default 0 3
Transition-Timing-Function Describes how the speed during a transition will be calculated. Default "ease" 3
Transition-Delay Defines when the transition will start. Default 0 3

DEMO: More Examples below. with :hover function.



*Simply paste this in the head section.


*Simply paste this inside the <body></body> section.

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