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Welcome to the scripmaual the database where you an find anything from Css menus to javascript script's and more scripting language. This week we have placed nore css menus that are very simple to integrate ... Check them out »

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Random Combo Box Link

Desription: With this combo box you can either choose your link to go surf or let your website choose it and direct you by itself.

Capability: FF1 + IE 6+7+ Opera + Safari..

Always There Combo Box

Desription: This script demostrates how you can always have a multiple select script always on top of the page and user's can quickly go to any of the options/links at any time very usefull.

Capability: FF1 + IE 6+7+ Opera + Safari..

Combo Box with Description

Desription: This clock display's the time with a style and looks exactly like an LCD clock and is very easy manipulated. It works very well with IE4 & + and NS6 & + and with the other's it displays a "Form" but works..

Capability: IE4+ and NS6+ only

Related Combo box

Desription: An advanced combo script that uses two boxes, one as the main categories, the other as the links associated with each category.

Capability: IE4+ FF + Opera .

Please make sure you read out Terms & Contditions and Keep our Credits in the top of the script. Do not Redistribute this script to use on another databse or to sell or profit from it.

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